Las Vegas, NV Water: WET 1998 Photography, Ira Kahn The Bellagio resort marks a new concept for the city of Las Vegas. Rather than turning its back on the public realm, the project’s design recognizes the importance of the pedestrian experience to the new strip. The lake containing the fountain is treated as a front yard to the hotel, to be enjoyed as much from the new promenade on Las Vegas Boulevard, as from the hotel itself. The plan for the water feature provides for a maximum flexibility in programming and water choreography, including a simple vocabulary of form and three distinct proprietary water technologies. These elements, along with high quality sound along the public promenade, provide the opportunity to create an endless variety of shows that integrate water, light and music. In this fountain the choreography of the water is as important as the design of the layout and technologies. More detailed information about the Fountains of Bellagio, and the team that implemented the project, can be found at WET: