Miami, Florida
Employee and Executive Dining Floors
With, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Developed in collaboration with Richard Irving for Charles Pfister and Florence Knoll Bassett

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill developed treatments for the interiors of the project’s Banking Hall building and selected floors of the adjacent tower.

The interior of the Employee Dining floor is intended to be cool in hue, reflecting it’s coastal environment. Feature elements, furnishings, fixtures and finishes, are designed in a cool range of color, set against a white background. Columns and casings are faced with back painted blue glass. Flooring is made of large white ceramic tile with a deep blue grout. Seating upholstery is a custom design of printed cotton duck that echoes the wall graphic treatments. The wall panels are designed as woven metal hangings that range in color, progressing from light to dark, all within the cool range of the spectrum.

The top floor of the tower is used for a suite of executive dining spaces. Finishes include matt finish lacquer, Luna Pearl granite and teak. Behind the bar is a beveled, mirrored wall of glass, with a pattern of points in gold leaf. In the main dining room a perforated, leather banquette is backed with a café curtain that is made of glass, carved with a pattern of cross forms and points in silver and gold. Carpets are custom designed. Color accents are clear and saturated.

Sketch showing color progression of woven metal wall in Employee Dining

Sketch showing color progression for series of six woven metal wall niches in Employee Dining

Six woven metal wall niches

Models showing woven metal walls

Glass Café Curtain mock up and interior of Executive Dining